02.Clock Town
03.Miss Flower
04.Rainy Day
05.Authentic Sky

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>> disappointing myself
> crying over baeklu
>> eating jello
> probably not doing homework let's be honest
>> studying to become exo's doctor

198/∞ ch-endless edits of 김종대

jongin smelling kyungsoo’s hair again ©

9 out of 100 of zhang yixing

3 / ∞ edits of luhan

ALRIGHT. So Mwave sent me two copies of Dark & Wild even though I’m pretty sure I only ordered one??? So I decided to hold a giveaway! It’s about time too since I should’ve properly thanked all of you guys for following me so long ago, and for anyone that finds this giveaway and decides to check out my blog and follow…..bless your heart. tbh
The winner will receive:
1 physical copy of Dark & Wild with a Jin photocard.
Their favorite candy in a jumbo size. (if available)
other small candies or halloween related items. (if you are allergic to anything, you can let me know and I’ll be careful not to send you anything that would cause an allergic reaction)
These are the basic rules:
You do not have to be following me, but it would be a good idea if you did so that way you can know when I announce the winner of the giveaway.
You must be an A.R.M.Y; You don’t have to prove to me how big of a fan you are or anything, but I think this album should go to someone who really wants their bias group’s album but cannot afford it.
You may reblog this post as many times as you like, but no giveaway blogs! I will be checking.
A like counts as an extra entry.
I will be choosing the winner using

This giveaway will end on Friday October 31st/Halloween, good luck to everyone!

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